Essential Information

The Wild Campout is situated amongst a spectacular private estate deep in the Balingup hills. Gates open at 12pm on December 30 and the mainstage music kicks off at 4pm. From there the last act will wrap it up at around 8pm on January 1, with everyone expected offsite by 12pm January 2.

Please make sure you read the following information so that you’re in the know, and please if you have any questions fee free to ask us!


The Basics

Good Things!

  • Photo ID.
  • Campout Ticket (unless purchasing on entry).
  • Carpass
  • Debit, credit card or cash for the vendors
  • Alcohol: This is a BYO event, there will be no alcohol for sale onsite and GLASS BOTTLES ARE NOT PERMITTED. Please bring only what you need and drink responsibly.
  • Water – make sure you pack plenty, although there will be taps onsite.
  • Camping/sleeping gear.
  • Toiletries etc.
  • Great costumes.


Bad Things!

  • Illegal substances.
  • Antisocial/unwanted sexual behaviour.
  • Glass
  • Fires
  • Ciggie butts (make sure they’re extinguished and placed into bins)
  • Rubbish (leave no trace and take your rubbish with you/place it in the bins provided)


The Wild Things!

  • Please make sure you bring good vibes, kindness and an open mind.


Onsite Rules


Things to keep in mind:

We’re fortunate to occupy such a beautiful location, and you’ll see for yourself once you arrive. It’s imperative we make sure it stays that way out of respect and future events! Keep the site tidy, respect the neighbours, dispose of your cigarette butts responsibly and take your rubbish and recycling home with you.

The Wild has a leave no trace policy so please respect it.

First aid will be on-hand 24/7 – please refer to the site map for the medical tent location.  We have dedicated medical staff, camp rangers, event security and volunteers across the site so please reach out if in need. Our medical and security staff take will take a no-judgement approach, so please head to them straight away if you feel like anything is amiss or a friend is in trouble.

Toilets are located throughout the event site and camping ground, clearly signed and on the site map, please try to avoid running into the bushes and keep it clean.

Your phone may struggle to find reception given the event location – use this to your advantage. The Wild is meant to be a time to unplug, unwind and digitally detox, so be in the moment and enjoy your time and each other.


Banned Items (what not to bring)

We’re all about YES! as much as possible at The Wild, but there are of course are few things we don’t want to see at the event:

– GLASS: All glass will be confiscated (including beer, wine, champagne etc.) Please bring plastic or cans only.

– FIRE: Flares, fireworks, sparklers, candles, campfires… If it involves a flame it is categorically prohibited. There will be a total fire ban both day and night.

– GAS: Bottles and/or hot cooking equipment, BBQs, camp stoves, lanterns etc.

– ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Such as sound systems, drones, professional cameras or video cameras, generators and lasers.

– FURNITURE: Large furniture such as couches or non-collapsible tables.

– OTHER: Skateboards, scooters, rollerblades… We’re on grass baby!

– ILLICIT SUBSTANCES/WEAPONS: All items deemed dangerous by staff or rangers will be confiscated and result in ejection from the Campout.

– EXCESSIVE ALCOHOL: Please limit your alcohol to 1 carton or 1x 750ml container of spirits per person – we really want you to remember the Wild Campout!

– ANIMALS: No dogs or animals of any kinds.

We will be inspecting vehicles upon arrival at the site, so please be mindful when planning your trip.



Antisocial, dangerous, harassing or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated at all.  If you are causing a disturbance to the event or to any of our guests you will be escorted back to your tent and asked to leave the grounds as soon as it is safe to do so.

If you are feeling unsafe in any way, please approach any of the staff at any time.



This year we have 4 camping zones as outlined below.

Motor Village (For RVs & Caravans over 6m)

This area is for people in Caravans & RVs and is located near The Sanctuary.

It is mandatory for all RVs & Caravans over 6m in length to park in this area.

The area is flat and easily accessible by larger vehicles with wide turning circles. 



The Grove (Walk In Camping)

This section is reserved for ‘Walk In’ Camping. It has shady, established grounds and is centrally located.

It’s best for those who want a lush camping experience and don’t require a vehicle to form part of their camping space.

Parking is located a short walk from the allocated camping zones. Roadways are for pedestrian and emergency access only.


The Paddock (Freestyle Camping)

This area is best for big groups wanting to camp together and party crew wanting to camp with their car or caravans that are under 6m in length.

Suitable for 2WD and 4WD vehicles.

The Linga Longa team have worked hard this year to sow seed, groom and green-up this space. It’s been a wet winter and it’s looking great.

We expect it will be a much more comfortable experience than it was for those who endured the Mars like conditions of 2020.


The Sanctuary (Family Camping)

This camp zone is reserved for families with children and those who want to camp with family groups.

Caravans and RV’s under 6m are allowed in this area however a vehicle towing trailer or caravan under 6m vehicle pass is required.

We respectfully request that if you’re not a family or camping with a family that you leave the Sanctuary tickets for people who are. 

As always we suggest planning your experience and preferred camping section in advance,  purchasing the correct tickets for the area you want to camp in and those wishing to camp together with friends must arrive in convoy to ensure grouping.

Our friendly traffic wardens will be there to direct everyone to a suitable campsite. Please be kind to them and follow these guidelines to help us help you have a great experience.


Camping for the full 3 days is included in the cost of your event ticket. You can set up camp from 12pm on December 30, and we ask you are packed up and out of the venue no later than 12pm January 2.

Campervans, motorhomes and caravans are welcome however, all flammables must be removed before the event, including gas bottles. Please also note you are not guaranteed to camp near your friends in a campervan or caravan, so please try to arrive with all of your friends at the same time to ensure you’re close together.


Once you arrive you are asked to not leave the event site, unless there is an emergency.  If you do need to leave the site, please find one of our camp rangers who will assist you to safely leave the grounds.

Please note, if you do leave you will not be permitted to re-enter the event.

Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for any lost or stolen items so please leave your valuables at home or lock them away.

A few tips and tricks:

Avoid setting up next to vehicle exhaust.

Keep your campsite free of flammable material and rubbish (use bins provided).

Don’t leave your vehicle running longer than necessary.

No gas bottles (including fridges, burners and kegs that require cylinders).

Bring garbage bags to store your rubbish in and take back once the event is over.

No cooking/heating appliances. There re plenty of affordable and delicious food options – so no need to bring your cooking gear – why not have a real break!

Mark your tent so you can find it easily at night.

Be nice to your neighbours –

  • If noise of any form from your campsite is bothering your neighbours, at any time during the event, you will be asked to quieten down or turn your music down. If you do not reduce you noise levels, you will either be moved to the outer-most part of the campgrounds, or asked to leave.  You can play music and have fun at your campsite, but you cannot annoy your neighbours.  Introducing yourself to your neighbours when you arrive is a good way to deal with nuisance before it happens.



We are not offering glamping this year. We are sorry for any inconvenience.


What To Bring

We highly recommend bringing the following along with you:

Tickets, ID and Carpasses

Cash (there are no ATM facilities on site)

Your own cup, plate and cutlery

Any required medication (see our medical tents for storage if needed)

Shade set up for camping

Sunscreen and insect repellent

Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, condoms, deodorant, tissues, sanitary items etc.

First aid kit – bandaids, headache and hangover relief, lip balm, earplugs

Pillow, sleeping bag, camping mattress, air pump.

Tent with extra pegs, fold chair, shade, battery-powered camp lantern, solar fairy lights and pretty things if that’s your fancy (spare batteries help)

A tent marker (all tents look the same, flag or similar on a pole)

A mallet

Torch for each person in your camp (headlamps are good)

A drink bottle and any food you’d like to bring along (no glass – reusable containers)

BULK DRINKING WATER – bring a big (for EG. 10L) container for drinking per person minimum, there will be uncertified rain water available for washing, cleaning, brushing your teeth, etc.

Clothes for hot and cold weather, bathers, towel, washcloth

DRESS UPS and fancy things, but leave the glitter at home

Floaty devices for any child who is not a strong swimmer


The Dam

There is a rather large dam on site and YES! You can swim in it BUT only during swimming times. We know how tempting it will be, especially if it’s hot, but entering the dam is strictly prohibited outside of the designated swimming times, which are as follows:

December 30: 12pm – 7pm

December 31: 8am-7pm

January 1: 8am-7pm

It is essential you only swim in the swimming zone ONLY. No night swimming ANYTIME ANYWHERE. It’s for your own safety. If you do, we will ask you to leave the event – This is a very strict enforcement of our insurance requirements and is essential to future editions of The Wild Campout.

Swim at your own risk, no diving, respect the lifeguards, look out for each other, parents are asked to supervise children at all times.


Bush Fires

In the case of a bush fire all exits will be closed.  There is to be absolutely NO ONE leaving site. The safest place to be in a bush fire is at the muster point which is on the lawn in front of the main stage by the lake.

Other Useful Bits

– There could be a police presence at the event and surrounding area.

– There is NO shade for camping, so please bring your own shade set ups.

– Make sure to drink plenty of water and keep hydrated. Please be conscious of the hot weather conditions and act accordingly.

– Wear hats, hang out in the shade when you can and slap on some sunscreen.

– Please seek immediate medical assistance from our first aid tent if injured or ill.

– Please drive safely to and from the campout. Be responsible and plan ahead; make sure you have a designated driver for the trip home. Keep in mind there will be large numbers of patrons arriving and leaving the festival at once which is why it is even more important each and every designated driver do their due diligence.

– The fences and barricades up around the event serve a purpose so please don’t be a dick and climb over them.

– Respect the swimming rules

– For your safety please always stay within the festival boundaries, familiarise yourself with the festival map grid reference of your campsite, the location of the first aid tent and the emergency assembly areas.

– Please notify our Wild Rangers if you see something you think is unsafe or might need attention.

– Avoid driving if you are feeling tired.

Any doubts, please re-read the above or contact us:


Getting There

The drive will take you about 3 hours from Perth – please plan accordingly and drive safely!

Once you purchase your ticket, you will be sent all the venue details in a link.

If you choose to drive, every vehicle will need to purchase a vehicle pass (including private charter buses, RVs, cars, motorbikes etc.). Remember to purchase the correct vehicle pass before you enter the site. If you do not have a vehicle pass or the correct vehicle pass for your vehicle you will be required to purchase one at the gate for significantly more money.


Vehicle passes are divided into 3 options:

  • Car only – Vehicle Pass
  • Car towing trailer or caravan under 6m – Vehicle Pass
  • Car towing caravan or RV over 6m – Vehicle Pass

We encourage carpooling to reduce emissions and vehicle numbers on the road. Make your journey more fun and travel with your crew!


Car Tips

Please drive safely to and from the campout.

Be aware of the gate arrival and departure times and plan accordingly

Respect the communities you are driving through, slow down, don’t litter, don’t be rowdy, buy your last minute supplies from the locals.

While at the event, NEVER REVERSE. Always check under and around your vehicle before moving it.

Do not drive during the event.

Be responsible and plan ahead; make sure you have a designated driver for the trip home. Keep in mind there will be large numbers of people arriving and leaving the festival at once which is why it is important each and every designated driver do their due diligence.

Avoid driving if you are feeling tired.

Carpool with friends! Road tripping to a camping festival is one of life’s true pleasures! It also means less money on petrol, and it’s better for the environment.


Sneak Ins

Quite simply – don’t do it. If you’re caught you’ll be removed from the venue with the potential for a trespassing charge, and anyone found trying will be black listed from all future events.

Don’t try and sneak people in your vehicle either, we’ll be checking cars on entry and your whole carload will be ejected from the event with no refunds.


Gate Times


December 30, 12pm-7pm

December 31, 10am-7pm


January 1, 11am-2pm

January 2, 9am-12pm

Campout gates will open at 12pm on 30 December and not a minute before, anyone arriving before these times will be requested to return to Greenbushes.

Please do not camp along, or block the road on the way to the event.

Please be mindful of these gates times when planning your drive.

If you arrive after 7pm you will be asked to park in the Sky Lounge (our car holding area) and you will need to walk your camping gear in.

Cars will not be permitted to be driven during the event (emergencies excepted).

The gates will COMPLETELY CLOSE from 10pm on New Year’s Eve – so please make sure you arrive before this time.

No pass-outs will be permitted during the event, except in emergency situations. This rule is for the safety of all patrons, minimises disturbance to surrounding neighbours and forms part of our council approval.