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Volunteer applications are now closed.

If you have missed out but are keen to volunteer please email

(We often have cancellations and spots may become available at a later date)

If you have been invited to apply but not yet submitted an application please contact your team lead directly.

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Please read through this information carefully before completing the application form below. Volunteer positions are limited and in high demand, so make sure you follow the steps below carefully, as incorrect or incomplete applications will not be considered.  

Email is our main point of contact, so double check you have entered this correctly on the signup form.  YOU WILL BE EMAILED A LINK TO THE APPLICATION FORM after you have completed the signup form.  You must complete the application form to apply for a position, so please make sure to check your inbox, junk mail & other folders for the email. 

Adding to your contacts list is key to ensuring you receive our emails, so make sure to do it right now, before you forget!

PLEASE USE YOUR FULL NAME as shown on your ID. You will be asked to show ID when entering the festival and this needs to match the name on your volunteer ticket. It also makes it much easier for us to REFUND YOUR DEPOSIT when you have completed your shifts (see VOLUNTEER TICKET and DEPOSIT REFUND sections for more details). There is a section in the application to add your preferred name, which we will refer to you by when on site. 


These options are to help us find a suitable volunteer position for you, but it is not a guarantee you will be assigned the role you request, as some teams have limited availability. The more available and open you are, the more likely you are to be offered a position.

Most of the positions we need to fill are during the event, and event volunteers are required to complete 12 hours in exchange for their ticket. The exception to this is Madame Pipi’s team, who only have to work 6 hours during the event.  All event volunteers are expected to be available FOR THE DURATION OF THE EVENT, which means arriving onsite on the 30th and being available until departing the morning of the 2nd.

We understand that people may have work commitments that affect their availability – we will work with you to organise your volunteer shifts around this if possible, but MAY NOT BE ABLE TO OFFER POSITIONS TO THOSE WITH LIMITED AVAILABILITY.

Set up volunteers are required to arrive onsite the afternoon of Dec 27th.  DO NOT apply for a setup position if you cannot meet this requirement.  (Unless you have already received approval from your team lead.)  Packdown volunteers are required to be available to stay onsite until the morning of Jan 4th.  DO NOT apply for a packdown role if you cannot meet this requirement.

Due to the number of applications we receive, it can take several weeks to finalise the application process.  We will make an announcement on our socials once positions have been finalised and you will be notified via email of the outcome of your application.  In the meantime please do not contact us to ask if your application has been successful or not – if you haven’t heard from us, it means we are still processing it.  If your application is unsuccessful, we will offer you a spot on the waitlist in case any last-minute positions become available.

Once you have been offered a position you will be required to pay a VOLUNTEER DEPOSIT, which costs the same as a ticket and helps to ensure that people aren’t just volunteering as a way of getting into the event for free.  There is a non-refundable fee of $25, which covers volunteer insurance and other additional admin costs.  After the event, you will be refunded the price of the ticket (minus admin and booking fees) back onto the card that the ticket was purchased on, provided you have completed all your rostered shifts (see REFUNDS section for more details). 

The deposit is your TICKET TO THE EVENT, and your position is not confirmed until it has been paid.  Once you have accepted your position and paid the deposit, you will be passed on to your team lead, who will inform you of your shift days/times closer to the event.  Please note, rosters are not released until AFTER you have paid your deposit.

All Volunteer Deposit refunds will be refunded back onto the card that was used to purchase the volunteer ticket. This means if you give someone money to purchase your volunteer ticket, the refund will go back onto their card. If you are not using your own card to purchase your volunteer ticket please make sure it is someone you trust to pass the refund back to you. The Wild Campout takes no responsibility for refunds after they go back onto the card of purchase. 

Please only accept a position if you are 100% committed to attending the event and showing up for your shifts, as it is incredibly difficult to find extra volunteers at the last minute. However if you are unable to attend the event, a $50 Cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations before October 15th and cancellations after October 15th will incur a $100 fee.  Cancellations after Nov 30th will incur a $150 fee, as there is not enough time during the holiday season to be processing new volunteer applications.  Volunteers who do not attend the festival will not be charged the admin fee and will only be charged the relevant cancellation fee. All refunds including cancellations will be processed after the event.

We will endeavour to refund all volunteers within 2 weeks, but it can sometimes take up to a month to get all refunds disbursed. Once your refund has been processed, you will be notified by email, at the address you provided when you purchased the ticket.  If you have not received your refund by the beginning of February please contact our finance team at 

Please plan to arrive at the festival at least 4 hours prior to your first shift to ensure that you have enough time to get through the line and set up camp etc.  To keep the line at the gate moving swiftly please have a copy of your volunteer ticket on your phone or have it printed out with your ID. 

ALL VEHICLES ARRIVING THROUGH THE GATES REQUIRE A CAR PASS – this includes volunteer vehicles, and car pass cost extra at the gate so don’t be that person who holds up the line because you didn’t buy yours ahead of time!

Early entry passes will be organised for those who have shifts on the morning or afternoon of the 30th. You will not be rostered for a morning or afternoon shift on the 30th unless you have specified on your application form that you are available to arrive on the 29th.

It is critical that you come to the Volunteer Tent before and after each shift to sign in and out. Forgetting to do so could result in a forfeit of your refund. 

You are expected to be sober, dressed appropriately, well-fed and hydrated. If you are intoxicated in any way we will dismiss you and you will forfeit your refund.  You must be wearing fully enclosed shoes whilst volunteering. No shoes – no work – no refund. 

We advise that you wear sun protection for daytime shifts and dress appropriately for cooler weather in the evenings.  We do supply a small snack for your shift in the Volunteer Tent, but it’s not a meal.  Please bring a reusable water bottle. It gets extremely hot at Linga Longa and it is easy to get dehydrated.

To ensure you will receive your volunteer refund it is advised that you check in with the volunteer booth one last time to make sure we have your refund details and that you have correctly signed on and off for all your shifts. 

Proof of vaccination is no longer required for music festivals, events or hospitality venues.  As such, we currently DO NOT require our volunteers to be vaccinated.  In the event that current mandates and/or restrictions change, Royal Jelly Productions will continue to follow the advice of the WA Department of Health. 

However, the safety of our volunteers, staff and attendees is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we require ALL volunteers and staff to complete an appropriate COVID-19 Safety Training course.

For those interested in hospitality roles in the coffee/chai tent, please complete the ‘AHA COVID-19 Hygiene’ training at:

For those interested in any other roles, please complete the Department of Health’s  FREE “COVID-19 Infection Control Training” module at: