30 Dec 2022 - 1 Jan 2023


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If you were to take a bite..

The Wild tastes like one of those Moon Face pop cookies exploding honey in your mouth!

  • I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been part of the amazing Wild Campout two times already. They have both been my favourite Disco sets I've ever played. The atmosphere and people is what truly makes the Wild Campout standout and there really isn't anything else like it. Big love to everyone involved. You have really created something special.
    Casual Connection
    Recording Artist
  • I had heard many great things about the wild campout festival so I was delighted to get an invite to play on NYE 2020/21. It was hands down my favourite WA festival to date , the people were so friendly and the vibe was so relaxed it felt like I was partying with one giant family. I was greeted by hugs and smiles and nobody was judged on what they wore or how they behaved. there was a massive sense of freedom about the whole thing , I was able to switch the tempo and genres during my set which is extremely rare to do these days but it was all welcomed with open arms , it was such a fun and wild experience.
    Dr Packer
    Recording Artist
  • I had the pleasure of being invited to play at The Wild Campout in 2019/20. The attention to detail and encompassing joyous spirit really set this party apart. It didn’t really seem like a festival, more a celebration of life, and all the good things that come along with it. I enjoyed the slightly more mature age demographic that it attracts as well, passionate, responsible, happy people, just like me. The Wild Campout is one of the best gatherings Australia has to offer, a gem hidden in the lush forest ran by some of the best people in the business.
    Recording Artist